The Spyglass Network (SGN)

The Spyglass Network (SGN)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Took the Gare Challenge

The challenge was simple, yet difficult. Spend 15 uninterrupted minutes under the stars, doing NOTHING ELSE. Alone. All 15. Just looking at the stars. And then write down your impressions. And the guarantee? Well .. you would remember it all your life. How is this possible though, how could 15 minutes of NOTHING be memorable? Maybe its because there IS no nothing in our lives anymore. No reflection. No meditation. No listening. Really listening.

I hadnt planned on taking the challenge as I went out in the predawn night on Wednesday, April 18. It was cloudy, depressingly so, but as I walked toward the barn aimlessly I looked up suddenly .. and it was clearing! Right then I knew .. it was challenge time. I have an observatory llooking west where I am wont to watch the sun set whenever I can. Its my stonehenge, I watch the sun go down far south and far north throughout the year. It sits under a 30 foot pine I planted as a baby 20 years ago. It has a clear view of the horizon. My observatory is a chair. A chair I sit in and observe the heavens. Does that surprise you? My eyes are spyglasses, therefore my observatory can be a chair. To be continued

Distant sounds

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